Sharon Allen is the CEO and Founder of Blue Tree Café Virtual Dining. She is a native of Miami, Florida. After retiring from the United States Postal Service, she decided to enhance her culinary skills and enrolled in the Culinary Program at the Sheridan Technical College. After graduation, she began her path as a food entrepreneur by developing vegan meals and preparing food from the garden to the table. She also received a Bachelor of Arts from Florida International University in Business Administration and a Master Certification in Master Gardening.

Recently, Chef Sharon was selected as a food vendor for the Super Bowl LIV pre-game. The Blue Tree Café started as a catering business with a small canopy and a handful of family and friends working for free. Since then, we’ve pivoted to launch a virtual dining experience that will premiere 2 virtual restaurants. Earth2Sharon will be the premiere vegan eatery.

Our commitment is to inspire underrepresented food entrepreneurs to cultivate their culinary artistry, culture and passion for food. We also focus on sustainability and diminishing our environmental footprint by purchasing from local vendors. Our core mission is to present a healthy way of eating and encourage people to chose quality meals that will enhance their overall wellness.  

Our core mission is to present a healthy way of eating and teaching people how to choose meals that will enhance your overall wellness. 

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E: bluetreecafe@gmail.com